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We shall return

The nightingale told me,
When upon a hill we met.
That nightingale lives on there
In our dreams.
Among the hills
And people who yearn,
There is a place for us.
O heart, how long?
How long then...
Have we been scattered by the wind?

We shall return.
Let us return!

O heart, do not drop in weariness
On the path of our return.
How it wounds our pride to know
That birds tomorrow will return
While we still remain here.

There are hills
That sleep and wake again
On our pledge.
There are people
In love with days
Filled with waiting and nostalgic songs,
And places where the eye is filled
With willows bending over the water,
While in their shade
Afternoons drink the perfume of peace.

One day
We shall return to our homes,
To drown in the warmth of hope.
We shall return
Though time passes us by
And distances grow only greater
Between us....

Al-Aqsa in danger!

"Glory be to the One who took His servant on a journey by night from Al-Masjid Al-Haram in Makkah to Al-Masjid Al-Aqsa,
whose precincts We have blessed..."
(Al-Israa' 17: 1)

While the world is all over the Hizbullah victory in the "Israel"-Lebanon war, Zionist oppression of Al-Aqsa in the holy land of Jerusalem is going on unnoticed. While the world is fascinated by Hizbullah's triumph, and its current status as the hero of Lebanon, Al-Aqsa is disregarded. Aid is being channeled to Lebanon whilst Al-Aqsa struggles under constant Zionist aggression. Al-Aqsa is still being violated by the Zionist regime. The situation in Jerusalem is deteriorating by the day. The humiliation and indecent treatment which the Palestinians have been experiencing in their own land is worsening. Until now, Palestinians are still being barred from performing Friday prayers in the mosque for several months running. Our real responsibility is to defend Al-Aqsa based on its special status as the first kiblah. Our soldiers should be sent to Jerusalem to defend the holy sanctuary. The safety of the mosque should be our main concern. As Muslims, we should familiarize ourselves with the steps the Zionists have taken to occupy Al-Aqsa and realise their ambition to build their Jewish temple, the Haykal of Solomon.

Does anyone care to remember?

"And (remember) when Musa (Moses) said to his people: "O my people! Remember the Favour of Allah to you, when He made Prophets among you, made you kings, and gave you what He had not given to any other among the 'Alamîn (mankind and jins, in the past). "O my people! Enter the holy land (Palestine) which Allah has assigned to you, and turn not back (in flight) for then you will be returned as losers."
(Al-Ma'idah 5: 20-21)

Palestine. Nothing is new. Nothing is new in the processes of peace. When I remember Palestine, which never fades off from our minds, and we, Muslims still remember the sufferings which the Zionists and their REAL TERRORISTS have done, shooting at the people who were praying in the morning, killing a child who was defending himself with a stone on a Zionist soldier who was insulting the people (children of the stones ? abtaalul/atfaalul ahjar ) praying in front of the mosque.

Abu Umamah al-Bahili, Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. said: "...There will be a group from my ummah that will be always be on the true and righteous path. They will overcome their enemies and they will not be transgressed against unless suffering befalls them, until Allah's help comes and they return to their normal state. The companions asked: Where do they live, oh Rasulullah s.a.w.? The Prophet replied: In Jerusalem and the surrounding areas ..."
(reported by Ahmad)

Children in their youth each one carrying their stone, waiting for the right moment to throw it to their enemies. A very sad situation which will never end, - killing and intruding the rights of civilians. When are we going to have peace which all the people around the world are thinking of, so that the situation would be controlled and the fighting will stop?!! When are we going to get Palestine back?! It will never come back if we still keep on being silent and doing nothing! It will never return except by force and surprise, exactly by the way they took it. We remember the freedom fighters that with their blood irrigated the land. Those who gave their lives, fought for their country. We are going to get it back form Zionists Laknatullah one day.

The Truth

It has been a largely uphill struggle getting Muslims to realise the importance of the al-Aqsa sanctuary as referred to in the Qur'an and the authentic hadeeth.

Nu'man Ibn al-Bashir R.a said that the Prophet SAW said: "The example of the believers in their harmony, their mercifulness toward one another and their sympathy to each other is like an example of the body. If one of its organs suffers, the whole body aches with fever and sleeplessness" .
(Reported by Imam Muslim)

Palestinians face a whole host of hardships in achieving even the simplest things in their daily lives which we would take for granted. For example, the building of the Apartheid wall cut off thousands of students and teachers from their educational establishments. Now people cannot reach hospitals or health centres, and even things like childhood immunisations which we do not think twice about are disrupted. Palestinians cannot travel freely either within the occupied territories or internationally as passage even from one town to another is ultimately decided by the soldiers at the check-points. There is also a water crisis and basic public services are routinely disrupted. In Gaza, in the summer of 2006, Israel bombed the only power station causing hundreds of thousands to go without electricity for months.

We are trapped!

At the moment, I allowed myself to be mad because we Muslims are called and pointed by them as terrorists. The real terrorists are not the people who are living in Afghanistan, Iraq, or Palestine. The real laknatullah terrorists are the current leaders in Israel and the United States. The political leaders in Israel and the US can point their bloody fingers and cry "terrorist" to anyone they want, but that doesn't wash the blood from their hands. There is a saying: "...If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck and walks like a duck, you call it a duck..!!" The real terrorist label, that their politicians use so liberally, fits the US and Israel more than it does the people they call terrorist. The real terrorists are the people walking around the hall of congress with blood-covered hands.

They include the people in the SATANIC Bush's administration, and the members of Congress who authorized Bush to take the action he has taken. These leaders have earned themselves a place next to Hitler in the Inhumanity Hall of Shame. They have also earned a rebuke from the American people. Someone in our political leadership must be held accountable for the death, pain, and suffering of the innocent victims in Iraq and Afghanistan, and in America that job belongs to American people. The American people cannot turn a blind eye towards the growing numbers of evil, perverse, premeditated and deliberate criminal acts being committed by America's and Israel's leadership without placing themselves in the same danger. Put yourself in the victim's shoes and think about how you would feel and how you might react. Now try and figure out the best way to keep yourself out of those shoes. It took ten years and the lives of over 55000 American soldiers and two millions Asians, before the American public's outrage over the war in Vietnam grew to a point that the politicians were pressured into ending that pointless bloody conflict. So, how many lives must be lost and how much money must be spent before the conflict in Iraq and other Muslim countries become too much for the American people to bare!?

The Real Satan

The real problem is not with the American people. But the problem is with the current elected leadership. The Bush administration's mountain of lies and limitless hypocrisy are now being ignored by most of the American people. Clearly the American media has failed to impressed the gravity of corruption that is so pervasive in the Bush administration and also in Olmert's administration in Israel. Million dollars have been used to fund Israel's economy and American made weapon are being used by Israel's military to carry out its brutal oppression against the poor people in Palestine. Israel's Jewish leaders treat the Palestinian people almost exactly like and even worse than how the Nazi's treated the German Jews before Kristallnacht. After which the Holocaust started and the Jews were rounded up and systematically killed. The Nazi's policies were raciest, cruel and wrong, and so is Israel.

Israel steals land from the Palestinian people, destroys their homes, businesses, and crops and then has the gall to call the Palestinian people terrorist for trying to fight back. Regardless of whether you kill people directly, or indirectly, you are still guilty of killing, and the Palestinian people have the right to defend themselves and their families from the racist thieves who are stealing their land and extinguishing their lives.

The Palestinians and just about all the other Arabs in the Middle East, hate America because of its unquestioning support for Israel. The US gives Israel over 3 billion dollars each year, free trade, and military hardware while at the same time the government ignores Israel's human rights violation against the Palestinian people. Therefore, the political leaders in America, both Democrats and Republicans, are hypocrites and are guilty of supporting terrorism made by their bloody hands. The vast majority of American people are allowing themselves to be spoon fed by lying politicians. I believe that the situation has gotten so bad that half of American people could be hanging from the GOP's bloody meat hooks and their last thoughts would be 'This is all those damn liberal Democrats faults..!?'

The Reality

America attacks Iraq, Afghanistan and many other Muslim countries without justifiable cause. The SATANIC US and Israel kill thousands of innocent civilians, they wound thousands more, they destroy the infrastructures, causing massive blackouts, water outages and travel blockages They occupy Muslim countries with brutal oppressions, collective killings, tortures and they start a massive theft of Muslims' natural resources. The whole world seems to have forgotten; that already 15 years ago, Yasser Arafat conceded that they shall have the right to exist within the territory given to them by the UN (the borders of 1967). But the SATANIC Israel was not satisfied with that. They want more lands. Lands of Barakah-Palestine!! Do you just want to look and say, 'oh, I see', until there is no land left anymore for the Palestinians?! Just recently they built walls on the Palestinian territory, cutting off almost one half of this territory. And the US is helping them on that!! The whole world is closing their eyes to the misery of the Palestinians!

Jihad..shall we?

As for our battle with the Jews it is authentically narrated in the Sunnah. No doubt that the end of the Jews will be by the hands of the Muslims.

Abu Hurairah Ra narrated that the Prophet said: "The Hour will not be established until you fight with the Jews, and the stone behind which a Jew will be hiding will say. "O Muslim! There is a Jew hiding behind me, so kill him."
(Reported by Imam Bukhari)

So, what are you waiting for?!..Lets do jihad. Do something and stop keeping yourself silent, otherwise you and your families may become the targets of the leader's blood covered hands as they turn and point their blood fingers at you and yell "you are terrorist!!". Now, only Hamas and Hezbollah are trying to help them, sacrificing their bloods for the sake of peace. But they just have no chance as long as these Israel Laknatullah and the real terrorist are backed up by the SATANIC US, and we Muslims just look and do nothing for them! Allahuakbar..Get up brothers !!!

Dr. Hussein Shihata, Professor of Islamic economy at the Faculty of Commerce, Al-Azhar University opines that the economic boycott is a religious obligation; Muslim jurists have also agreed that it is a necessity. Therefore, economic Jihad is given the same legal ruling as physical Jihad in its broadest sense.

Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. stressed the significance of economic Jihad, saying, "Whoever helps a fighter in the cause of Allah is given the same reward as the fighter, and whoever takes care of his family (the fighter) is given a similar reward.."
(reported by Al-Bukhari and Muslim)

In this regard Sheikh Yusuf al-Qardhawi says, "To buy ("Israeli" and American) goods is to support tyranny, oppression and aggression. Buying goods from them will strengthen them; our duty is to make them as weak as we can. Our obligation is to strengthen our resisting brothers in the Sacred Land as much as we can. If we cannot strengthen the brothers, we have a duty to make the enemy weak. If their weakness cannot be achieved except by boycott, we must boycott them."

He goes on to state, "It is a legal obligation upon all Muslims to boycott Israel and all countries that support it, especially the United States of America for each dirham or dinar that reaches them turns to a bullet used in shooting our brothers in Palestine."

As long as we go on buying their products, the Zionists will continue committing all sorts of atrocities on our brothers and sisters in Palestine. Palestine will be bombed, houses will be demolished and Palestinians killed with the bullets we have bought. Therefore, Muslims should stop buying and supporting products that are known to aid "Israel" and America. Our buying power can paralyse the "Israeli" economy and bring peace back to Palestine.


The question is, what have WE contributed to Al-Aqsa?
Defending Al-Aqsa is an obligation, so is it enough for us to just look on while our brothers and sisters suffer? What will we answer in front of our Lord on the Day of Resurrection? Hopefully our small but consistent contributions will save us in the Hereafter. Don't hesitate, start helping now!!!

Al-Faqeer Ilallah..

Dr.Nik Mohd Abduh b. Nik Mhd Nor

2nd year - Faculty of Medicine of Egypt..

3.30 am

"..jangan biarkan diri anda orang yang terakhir menolong rakyat Palestin .."