where is the amir of the ummah?

Are we the Black Goats..?!

Does anyone care of this day? 28 September 2000. The Dr. Evil, Arial Sharon, the leader of the Zionist, entered Al-Aqsa Mosque, the Muslim holiest shrine in Palestine and the 3rd holy Mosque of Islam. Protected by around 2000 israeli soldiers, Sharon’s visit to holy area of the mosque was an explicit and rude challenge to the feelings of the Muslims worldwide, especially the Palestinians who were frustrated by the failure of Camp David over the sensitive issue of Al-Quds (Jerussalem). The Intifadha Al-Aqsa erupted in response!

The plight of the Al-Aqsa Mosque and of Palestine itself is a symbolic of the plight of all oppressed states and nations the world over, and indeed, the greatest of such symbols . Symbolising the oppression of the arrogant world powers over the weak state as nowhere on earth do they more effectively demonstrate their wickedness and “barbarism” than in the land of Palestine.

It is there they seized the third Holiest Mosque in the sight of the Muslim World and the first Qiblah of Islam. Now every Friday Muslims worshippers pray at the Mosque surrounded by their enemies armed to the teeth, ready for fatal attack at any moment. It is there that an entire nation, the Palestine nation, is deprived of its land of origin, and made either to live either as slaves in their homes or scattered all over the world in a state of fear.

Similar cases abound where the powers of world arrogance arrogating all powers to itself, demonstrating their force against weak and helpless people, while claiming the ability and the right to keep the peace. If one studies the cases of other weak countries such as Libya, Kosova, Bosnia, Chechenya and Kashmir, it would be seen that most of the victims of this oppression are : Muslims…!!!!!

Political Zionism ruined us..!

Allah says : “..say : Oh God. Master of the Kingdom, Thou givest the Kingdom to whom thou wilt, and seizes the Kingdom from thou wilt, thou exalted whom thou wilt, and thou abasest whom thou wilt ; in Thy hand is the good, Thou are powerful over everything..”

(Al-Imran : 26)

As we heard before, Zionism, was founded by Theodore Hertzl himself, and, as its name indicates, it aimed to gain international support for the Zionist cause, and its project. The hoped to persuade the Khilafah Uthmaniyyah to accept their project through an offer to pay part the Khilafah Uthmaniyyah debt in return. The project of killing all Muslims, oppressing who were born as non-Jewish people. Do we know all this?

The Role of United States

The US was the first country to recognize Israel, only minutes after it was officially created in 1948, consistent with a 1922 Congressional resolution backing the League of Nations mandate for a Jewish homeland in Palestine. Since then, the two countries have developed a rock-solid friendship that does not depend on the parties in power either in Washington or Jerusalem. While there have certainly been ups and downs, the basic bond between the US and Israel, the only country in the Middle East that resembles the US in its values and democracy, is very strong. Both countries have long-recognized that their mutual interests of deterring war, promoting stability and eventually achieving peace are only possible if the United States continues to stand firmly behind Israel. In the following decades, Israel and the US worked together to counter the greatest threats to American interests in the Middle East. These threats include the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction by rogue regimes, state-sponsored terrorism, the potential disruption of access to Middle East oil, and the spread of Islamic adicalism.

Cooperation has extended to programs for sharing cutting-edge technology and valuable intelligence, conducting joint military exercises, researching and developing new weapons, establishing joint anti-terrorism strategies; and pre-positioning materiel in Israel for use in the event the US ever needs to respond quickly to a future Middle East conflict.

The question is, why don’t we unite and cooperate to each others to become one body for the ummah, fighting against them? Don’t you feel ashamed of yourself? The answer is simple, we forget we had conquered and ruled nearly 2/3 of the world under the Islamic Laws, by the Khilafah system. We forget the sufferings of Palestinian people. We forget that Extrimist Jewish tried to lay the foundation of the temple called Haykal which they aspired to be established in place of Al-Aqsa Mosque, and over 5000 Palestinian people gathered, sacrificed their bloods to defend the Holy Mosque, and Israeli opened fire discrimately killing more than 21 and wounding 150 Palestinian peoples including kids, women.

And, we all forget that this land historically which many muslim scholars originated, preached or lived in Palestine for some time. They are Ibn Syihab Az-Zuhri, Imam As-Syafie, Imam Al-Auza’i, Ibrahim Ibn Adham, Imam Al-Layth Ibn Saad, Ibnu Qudamah, Al-Imam Sufyan As-Tsauri and other Muslim scholars. Most of them are the imam of mazhab, Ahlul Hadeeth.


On this day unlike all others, as I and all ikhwahs stand at the threshold of a new dawn, in all honor and modesty, we humbly bow to the sacred spirits of our fallen ones, Palestinians and arab, by the purity of whose sacrifice for the homeland our sky has been illuminated and our land given life. Our hearts are lifted up and irradiated by the light emanating from the much blessed intifadha, from those who have endured and have fought the fight of the camp, of dispersion, of exile, from those who have borne the standard for freedom, our children, our aged, our youth, our prisoners, detainees and wounded, all those ties to our sacred soil are confirmed in camp, village, and town. We render special tribute to that brave Palestinian mothers, guardians of sustenance and life, keeper of our people’s perennial flame. To the souls of our sainted martyrs, the whole of our Palestinian Arab people that our struggle shall be continued until the occupation ends, and the foundation of our sovereignty and independence shall be fortified accordingly.


Therefore, I call upon our great people(all ikhwanese) to rally to the banner of Palestine, to cherish and defend it, so that it may forever be the symbol of our freedom and dignity in that homeland, which is a homeland for the free, no and always.

I take this opportunity to show our solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Palestine, and with all the oppressed peoples of the world, who are made to face plights similar to those of the Palestinians. Despite all the vicious attacks made on us, we will never give up the struggle to regain our rights. We will never bow and surrender our dignity. While the enemy laughs, we are also fully hopeful and confident. And above all, we have the assurance of the Almighty Allah that in the end, success shall be ours, insyaAllah.

Put this question in your head..Are we black goats..and ready to be slaughtered..?!!!

My coming article; the topic will insyaAllah be : “Whose Land is it?..Muslims, Jews,or Christians?”.

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Al-Faqeer Ilallah,

Dr. Nik Mohd Abduh Bin Nik Mhd Nor.

Faculty of Medicine, Egypt.

2204 pm..


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black sheep VS black goat..so many muslims were killed and slaughtered..

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