medicine and us..~

In the name of Allah


The state of medicine as practiced by Muslim doctors today is truly one that elicits genuine sorrow. Dunya in its unadulterated form has become the goal of the vast majority of Muslim doctors, both in the West and in the traditional Muslim lands. Power, status, and money (in particular) have become the obsession of already practicing physicians and medical school hopefuls alike. So deep has this decay penetrated that the phrase "I'm in it for the money" has become a very reasonable answer to the question of why one should practice medicine. Shame to admit, this hideous intention has rooted so deeply within us all and in particular to the topic, the Muslims doctor. “I choose it for the money that come with it” has become a common reason of why one should practice medicine. The true intentions have finally come forth, no longer veiled by so-called superficial excuses.

Such in a field of which by its very nature demands the highest moral standards . Yet medical students and doctors alike sing in unison the words "show me the money, Hippocrates."

Allah SWT has blessed Muslim Doctors with two great gifts: knowledge and income Nevertheless, we should bear in mind that money is a gift that Allah has distributed to many of his servants, while knowledge, in particular the knowledge of medicine, is a gift Muslim physicians possess exclusively among Muslims. When a Muslim doctor practices medicine in non-Muslim lands, the direct benefit that arises from his knowledge of medicine has become a waste and is lost. What has compensated for this loss, however, is money in excess. The Muslim doctor must realize that he is in fact indebted to the Ummah for withholding the gift of knowledge that Allah SWT has ennobled him with, and thus must (it is his obligation to) make up for this. It could be done either by contributing a significant amounts of sadaqah or by pioneering humanitarian trips to the Muslim countries that lack of medical expertise, which are too many to count.

Every time a Muslim doctor migrates from his homeland in the Muslim Ummah to America, one less Muslim doctor is available to treat those in the traditional Islamic world. Thus established Muslim communities suffer from the lack of adequate medical care while non-Muslims benefit from the technical expertise of the Muslim world's brightest graduates. It is therefore imperative for Muslim doctors to understand that they are constantly in debt to the Muslim Ummah and should thus see it as their duty to pay back to the Ummah through every any possible way. May Allah purify our intentions and create good in this new generation of medical students.


nik abduh

p/s : thanks to "engineer to be" for the corrections..