i will care...

Bismillah Ar-Rahman Ar-Rahim... Anak-anak dakwah..hayatilah puisi ini...

Allah gives me food to eat But there are people on the street With no water and no bread But thanks to Allah, I am fed.

I thank Allah for all things good But to please my Lord, I should Share my food with people poor.. bring a smile and give them more..

Allah kindly gives to me Food and drink so generously So His gifts I'm going to share And for others, I will care...ya..I will care.

Black or white, brown or yellow We are sisters, brothers All the Muslims come together And we love each other.
Colour does not matter to us Side by side we stand Ready to give all our help With a caring hand...Rich or poor, young or old All of us unite...One Islamic family we are..Under Allah's Sight!....i will care....

Dr. Nik Mohd Abduh B Nik Mhd Nor

"..sayangilah Allah..wahai anak-anakku!! "